Transferring By Plane Pets

Your pets can be transferred with Cyprus Airways flights knowing that all the government regulations have to be issued.

When transporting pets in the cabin must meet the following regulations:

The cabin can be transferred only cats, dogs and some species of birds up to 5 kilograms.

The cats, dogs and birds weighing more than 5 kg and other animals regardless of weight, can be transported only in special air-conditioned part in the boot.

The cabin is not accepted reptiles

The weight of the pet with the crate should not exceed 5 kg

The pet must be accompanied by the owner

The cage must have an appropriate size, design and be so strong as to prevent the escape of the animal.

At the bottom of the cage should be a paper into strips or other absorbent material to absorb the secretions of the pet.

The crate should be a small auxiliary small door to serve the pet during the flight.

You may need to give some drug to the pet to sleep half hour before departure.

The owner should sit next to a pet in the back row of the aircraft.

The pet is acceptable provided that there is even a free position for this purpose.

The transport guide dogs for blind passengers are free.

Pets traveling with passengers must be checked at the check point.

Please be sure to have more time than the regulations provide for a simple check-in

Cyprus Airways can carry pets as baggage subject to availability of the configured area onboard.