Children Travelling Unaccompanied In Cyprus

When children in Cyprus are willing to have a trip by themselves, they have to have in mind some important instructions. If you want to plan a trip for your kid then read the followed instructions.

Under two years old

Children at this age can not in any way to travel unaccompanied. Forms and also documents of unaccompanied children must be completed before departure.
Airport Of Departure

The unaccompanied child must be submitted at least 2 hours before departure, accompanied by a parent or responsible guardian, who must remain at the airport until the flight departure.
Airport Arrival

The unaccompanied child must be met at the airport by a parent or responsible guardian indicated on the form unaccompanied.

During The Flight

Carers will be informed cabin before the flight for the child's name, the age of the child and for any specific requirements may the child has. It will regularly check to ensure that the child is comfortable and we enjoyed the flight.

Permitted Luggage’s

Children traveling alone are entitled to transport baggage that will weigh and those of adults.

Children Travelling with Company
Children under 12 can travel if accompanied by another passenger who is at least 16 years.