Cyprus Airports

Paphos And Larnaca Airports Paphos International Airport opened in 1982 and its located 14 km southeast of the city near the village of Timi and mainly serves charter flights from European countries every Wednesday and Saturday.

Transferring Pets

Transferring By Plane Pets Your pets can be transferred with Cyprus Airways flights knowing that all the government regulations have to be issued. When transporting pets in the cabin must meet the following regulations: The cabin can be transferred only cats, dogs and some species of birds up to 5 kilograms.

Children Travelling

Children Travelling Unaccompanied In Cyprus When children in Cyprus are willing to have a trip by themselves, they have to have in mind some important instructions. If you want to plan a trip for your kid then read the followed instructions.

Flight Reservation

Cyprus Flight Reservation The airline industry has highly developed and the internet business also. The days when one had to call up an airline to book a flight or make a flight inquiry are gone. I mean who has much time to spend.