Allowable Luggage Limit

Allowable Limit Of Luggage’s In Cyprus

Cyprus Airways allows you to travel carrying luggage not exceeding 20 kg per passenger in Economy Class and 30 kg per passenger in Business Class. Cyprus Airways will not accept any baggage exceeding 32 kg weight.

As it concerns comfort and safety of all the passengers, Cyprus Airways take only one piece of hand luggage not exceeding 115 cm height, width and depth and 5kg weight. It must have a size and shape that allows you to storage them above the seats or in other safe places into the aircraft.

Addition of a hand luggage, passengers can also get untaxed items (beverages, cigarettes, and perfumes), one bag, an overcoat, a small camera or a reasonable quantity of magazines and books.

If you have baggage which exceeds the permitted weight limit, it can be transferred as an Excess Baggage or as a Cargo.

Small children are allowed to take with them one luggage more around 10 kg which may include portable crib, bottle, enough food for the whole journey and a stroller that folds. Anything beyond the permissible limit baggage is charged with official rates of overweight.